June 6, 2011

An Irresistibly Healing Lover

submitted by Amara Charles Back

The most irresistible lovers I’ve ever had were healers. By this I don’t mean we played doctor and nurse (although this is too is fun:-).

When I say healing, I mean exchanging moments (and in some cases days) of extended, rolling, intense states of bliss that changed us both, for healing means to cure something, and to restore a state of natural happiness.

Becoming a healer for someone you adore can certainly be learned by anyone. It happens by letting go into a space where you have the full freedom to safely and totally surrender into pleasure.

Becoming a healing lover also means learning how to feel beautiful (yes, this can be learned) and thus sharing your sexual life force energy as if it were a precious treasure (which it is). To inspire health in someone you adore, first it’s important to consider sexual health as far more than an absence of disease, for your sexual energy, if it is shared wisely, can generate the transformational spaces where all healing occurs.

The path is to increase your own sexual vitality in such a way that you not only wish to share yourself like an overfilled basket ready to pour, you know how to do it well. This is how sexual energy can become the ultimate sweet medicine – both for yourself and your beloved.

But first, how do you recognize sexual health?

A little technical understanding is helpful:
What Erections, the Prostrate and Orgasms Have To do With Your Health

Several signs of prostrate health for men include an abundance of ejaculate, strong erections, semen that has a proper ‘scent’ and the ability to ‘shoot straight.’ Likewise, signs of vitality for women are an abundance of sexual secretions, feelings of arousal and desire, and the ability to have strong orgasms with frequent sexual releases.

However, it’s not enough to know about there things, to really be a healing presence and to have all these functions stay hearty and well, we have to roll up our sleeves, and perhaps our skirts a bit.

What if you knew how to generate such healing sexual pleasure?

I’ll bet many of you have, it just happened spontaneously, which of course is the nature of true healing. Extraordinary states of pleasure however, while they are indeed a gift, do not necessarily have to be rare, once-in-a-life time experiences; they can happen more often if you understand your erotic nature, and know how to entice your lover to play.

The idea is to draw your lover out, like a cobra uncoiling from a prized vase.

Always keep in mind, health is not boring; it’s the ultimate pleasure, for the truth is, sex, (nor anything else for that matter) matters much if we don’t have the energy to enjoy it. The trick is to charge our batteries with expressions of beauty.

Part Two Next Week

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Amara Charles is a highly acclaimed sex and intimacy expert who has taught workshops internationally since 1989, helping men and women reconnect with their passion, reclaim their sexual energy and deepen their appreciation for life. Charles is the author of several books, including The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka. Published by Inner Traditions/Bear & CO., it will be available in wide release in August 2011. Charles has been a guest on BBC, ABC radio, and HBO and has spoken at numerous national and international conferences where she gives presentations about sex and intimacy for various groups, corporate clients and universities

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Karen in So. Cal. says

I loved this article and the potential it suggests for being a sexual healer. I really do like that concept, I look forward to part two.

Amara says

Hi Karen,
Thank you for your kind words! It really helps knowing you read it, sometimes I never know what people think about the things I say…I had fun writing this, and I believe a lot of people already are healers for their lovers, just maybe never thought of it that way! Peace in the way, Cheers, Amara

Kelly Smith says

Thank you so much for this article, Amara. It is also a reminder for me to remember the teachings from the Q and bring it forth into my relationships. One of my fondest memories from the Q was when you represented/played-out the sexual healer/shaman-ess. We can all become healers when we surrender and allow ourselves to delve as deeply as possible into the sacred sanctum of bliss.
Thank you Amara!

Amara says

Hi Kelly,
How beautiful!!!!! May you continue to allow yourself ‘to delve as deeply as possible into the sacred sanctum of bliss.” I say yes to that!
Thanks for staying in touch and I look forward to seeing you again someday soon.
In beauty, Amara

M. Lisa says

Yes! Love the concept and experience of sexual energy as a healing force. I’ve experienced it and desire to continue sharing that with others. Looking forward to part 2.

Amara says

Thank you Lisa… and I know you, so I most certainly know how beautifully you have used your energy as a healing force.
Aho! Keep doing that 🙂

Fabian says

I liked very much to read you ideas about healing sexuality and the adoring this beauty. Do you still like to write more about?

Amara says

Hi Fabian, Thank you, and yes, I write often. I have a new book out called The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka”