About Amara Charles

Highly renowned sex and intimacy expert Amara Charles has traveled internationally teaching sacred sexuality workshops since 1989, helping men and women reconnect with their passion, restore the potency of their sexual energy and deepen their appreciation of life. As a mentor, facilitator, trainer and coach, Amara has helped many discover their hidden passions in order to experience a more meaningful approach to sex, intimacy and relationships. She knows what it takes to heal relationships and restore intimate connections when they have been lost and is passionate about empowering others to evolve into their highest potential.

Amara received her Fine Arts degree from Parsons in New York and her Masters in film from California Institute for the Arts. For many years she created art depicting peoples’ stories of victory and love. Her passion for creative creation led her to a life-long study of self, relationships and life.

“Like many people of my generation I am a seeker. In the 1980’s my search led me to California where I attended a workshop called Quodoushka based in the Toltec and Mayan traditions that teach about the sacredness of our sexuality. That was the beginning – it was where my life shifted dramatically onto a spiritual path that offered profound insights about empowering myself as a woman. Through years of observing my life I discovered how my own body and mind hold the secrets to the mysterious feminine and masculine energies of life and how important it is for people to find that within themselves.”

Now Amara likes sculpting people, for she believes beauty (and our sexuality) become fine art when used with wisdom and care. Amara’s passion for people and her bestselling book, The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka (now in 3 languages), Sexual Agreements and Aching to Open have taken her to many countries where she teaches men and women, young and old what it means to be a sexual being and how to harness the potent human sexual energy for our livelihood.

Amara is the first White Tigress initiated on Western soil into the ancient Taoist Sexual Arts, where she draws from to teach both Taoist Restoration and Shamanic Sexual Practices. Amara is also one of a few teachers authorized to teach Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality workshops that show us how to heal and experience the sacredness of our sexuality.

“I am passionate about giving people access to esoteric sexuality practices that work — to help men and women turn ordinary sexuality into extraordinary relationships.”

In addition to teaching Quodoushka and the Taoist Sexual Arts, her transformational workshops include Shakti Queen and Shiva Shakti – both are bodies of work that have been developed through Amara’s evolution, passion to delve deeper and share her personal journey and life lessons.

“My devotion to my spiritual calling continues. There are many paths one can take to evolve spiritually. I realized that using sexual energy with wisdom and care opens one’s heart to a more compassionate way of living.”