February 11, 2017

A Secret Invitation

A Ladies First Time | submitted by Amara Charles Back

Mark called me one day wanting to arrange a special birthday present for his wife Tracey. He and his wife had plenty of reason to celebrate; they loved their kids, had great health, good incomes and, best of all, a twelve-year record of keeping their sex-life quite interesting. You would never suspect Tracy was turning sixty, or that she was nearly twenty years older than her husband. Whatever it was, they had it going on and they definitely looked good. Not bad for an executive Mom with three teenage kids.

I’m sure one of the secrets of her remarkable youthfulness and beauty was because of the incredibly lovely things Mark liked to do for her and the way he treated her as if she were a royal princess he was lucky to have. He was always on the lookout for what would tantalize her fancy, and apparently, after meeting at a party, it seemed I became one of those fancies.

Mark told me the following story. “For years my wife had mentioned certain curiosities to me. She often wondered what it would be like to touch or kiss another woman, and for many years we gracefully tip-toed around the notion. I felt her desire, but if I suggested anyone, in particular, she would demurely change the subject until it would come up again. I knew she frequently fantasized about this because on several occasions when we were out in public, I watched her look sexually at other women. I would always tease her about it checking to see if she might really like to approach a woman, or if she wanted me to. The more we fantasized, the more intriguing the idea became to me. I knew she wasn’t quite ready, yet I felt like she would like me to help her. She didn’t know what to do or where to start and I think she was still scared. That is, until we met you. Several times while we were making love, she talked about you in the dearest way. … I sensed her opening, and I felt her desire peaking. She has always let me know what she has wanted in the subtlest of ways, never too directly. I love trying to figure out what she wants, and I am pretty sure she wants you. Would you be interested in getting together for an intimate evening?”

“With such lovely things you have said, how can I refuse?”

“It’s her sixtieth birthday next week and I want to do something very special. I think she will love this, and if it is okay with you, I will tell her.”

“Even better,” I said, “let’s make it a celebration.” We spoke of a few more details regarding discretion, and arranged to meet the only time they could get away.

They arrived on a Wednesday night dressed from work, Mark with casual kakis and Tracey with a conservative white blouse and black skirt. They had managed to get the kids dinner, settle with the baby sitter and zoom out for the evening. I admired them already, as a night out for them took a great deal to put together.

I wanted to start with something comfortable for them, gradually adding a few surprises. Mark mentioned a few ideas for the evening, but wanted me to help him create something ‘truly extraordinary’.

They were adorable together, sneaking in kisses and caresses during our conversations about what was okay to explore, what we each would like most; leaving the details of exactly what was to happen open and interesting.

“ Mike and I have dreamed about this, and I can’t believe it is happening. I am not exactly sure what to say. We have played with other couples before, but this is different. Did Mark tell you, I think you are beautiful?”

“How about if we just start with a massage. It’s a great way to relax and get to know each other. You can let me know along the way what you like. We can take our time and there is no need to rush. Lets agree to keep checking in with each other and I will make sure you feel safe.” Following her lead, Mark nodded. She nudged closer to Mike to calm down. I knew she was itching to get started and we were waiting for her cue.

“Okay” she said, “A massage would be wonderful”

We began with one of my favorite rituals by lighting herbs and spreading the smoke around the room to fill the air with fragrances of sage, lavender, sweet grass and cedar. We shared more about what we most wanted to give, what we most wanted to feel and experience. “What would make this birthday something you would never forget?” I asked.

“I want to be watched being loving with my husband.” and then added softly, “And maybe kissing you.”

The smile that came with her request betrayed a secret wildness that wanted badly to come out and play. Already enjoying himself, Mark beamed, “I’d like to see that. Honey, the night is yours. It’s your birthday and I want you to do and ask for whatever your heart desires. That’s all I want.”

And he meant it too. I have ever seen a man so captivated by his wife’s pleasure. His ease gave her the freedom to ask for what she wanted. The delicacy of her admission made his chest and nostrils flare. We were following Tracey’s lead.

She started to undress him as I watched. Then we walked him over to my massage table and laid him down. She guided my fingers to trace lightly over his smooth chest and then over his hips.

“What’s the other table for?” she asked.

“ It’s for you my dear. Why don’t you undress for us, lie down here and watch us?” Compliant and willing, her eyes lowered as she slowly threw her shirt and bra to the floor. She slid out of her skirt and dropped her panties to the floor. Then she raised her elegant body onto the table. Mark was watching her as if it was the first time she had stripped for him. Her nipples began to thrust in my direction.

I felt her eyes wandering over my belly and down the back of my thighs as I bent over her husband on the other table. I took my time kneeding his muscles, dripping warm oil over his chest and shoulders and then rubbed it downwards into his legs. He relaxed into my hands, excited and patient, occasionally looking at Tracey to take in her growing anticipation. She was on her stomach now, pressing her loins against the table, swaying her buttocks back and forth. I eased my mouth towards his erection and let it hover close by just to see her smile. Then there was a knock on the door.

“Come in” I smiled, watching her face. She gasped slightly.

For Tracy’s delight, I had asked a friend of mine to join us for the evening. After peeking in, she quietly stepped into the room, a bit hesitant at first too. My friend was stunning, starting with her shinning eyes that instantly made us all feel happy.

“Hi” she said. Her voice lifted over her breasts that were peeking through a tight midnight blue net dress.

“I’m Alexandra” she smiled, letting us take a good look.

She had the kind of breasts you couldn’t help lingering over. Once we got over their invitation, our eyes lowered over her hips, her belly, and her shapely legs. Admiring every lusty curve of her body, Tracy was so turned on now she was barely breathing. She had actually met my friend once before, so I knew they would both enjoy this little surprise.

We opened a bottle of wine and toasted to giving, feeling, learning and enjoying each other’s pleasure, especially Tracey’s. My friend and I brought Mark on onto the table, as she watched us. We started to stoke along his legs and over his torso. Mike ‘s hard-on hadn’t subsided for well over an hour already. Even the wine had no effect, and he seemed in no hurry to change it. Then my friend went over to Tracey, placed her hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her to lie back on the table. Tracey pouted with mock resistance as she allowed my friend to spread warm oil lightly over her breasts, her belly and downwards onto her legs.

That was the last we heard from Tracy for a while. She sunk back, surrendering herself into a deep place, quietly taking in the succulent warmth of the hands that were sweeping gracefully over the valleys and hills of her body. Her skin was glowing in the dim candlelight. Mark propped himself on his elbow to see the subtle tremors of pleasure rolling across her. With her eyes closed and lost in pleasure, she lifted her arms up over her head to stretch her back and thrust forward her breasts to ask for more. Her crooning murmurs and moans let us know all was well. Slowly, she rolled onto her side, sat upright on the table and then pulled her knee up to her chest, leaving the other leg provocatively dangling, restlessly circling towards the floor. A layer of her secret wildness was now flashed across her eyes, and then descended onto her tongue that she was using to moisten her lips.

She started to tentatively touch herself with her fingers for a few moments and then placed her palm over her vagina, perhaps to cool it down. Then she tilted her head to the side and extended her hand motioning my friend to come to her. She looked over at Mark who was riveted to the hot spot in the room, her pussy, glistening in the dark. His eyes emitted a pure yes before he said, “My love, you’re gorgeous.”

His own member, as if seeking to reach out and touch her, stood firmly tuned her every move. It seemed to swell at the fluctuations of her voice, as if they had had a private language between them for many years. It was beautiful to watch how he resisted coming to her, and how he knew she wanted him. He only barely stroked himself. He gingerly moistened the head, taking care not to bring himself over. When we all turned to notice him he stopped stroking and let us fully see his joy as it leapt across the room and poured into us.

Now all eyes were on Tracy again, waiting to see what she wanted next. I think what made everything so special was knowing that each moment might be her last. It was understood we would stop whenever she wanted to. At times she seemed to be making up her mind, drawing back momentarily before the power of her husband’s permission, and her own swooning desires tugged her back again. Fortunately for us, the sweep of her sensations condensed into a pure gale she could not stop. We could see the change in her eyes. She arced her back until her head draped loosely over the edge of the table. She let her legs drift off in another direction. “How are you feeling?” I asked.

“Wonderful…. I feel so good” was all she could articulate.

Her husband sat in awe watching two women gracefully bring down his wife right before his eyes. We stroked and kissed her inner thighs and her belly. She welcomed our kisses and embraces by pulling us closer. Her head swayed, her eyes fluttered upwards inside her head, her toes pressed into open space and her body began alternately twisting and twirling backwards and curling inwards. We stirred her vault of hidden honey and it was asking to be let out. Drips of golden fluid were already starting to leak out uncontrollably along her thighs. Their scent filled the room. There was nothing to do but witness, and be enveloped into her roaring, relentless gusts of pleasure.

Her magic pulled her husband to come to her from across the room. A cocoon of love encased their embraces with passionate kisses until he smoothly entered, and slid into her. My friend and I faded into the distance leaving them to prevail in the bounty we all created together. Only the candles flickered during our exit as the moon crept in through the window to watch their dancing shadow rise and fall across the wall.

© 2020 Amara Charles


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