March 16, 2011

A Love Poem To Myself

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Today, I decided to write a Love Poem to myself.

Pure Beauty in New Zealand

Some days, love is un-suppressible even when you try to stop it.

Others, it’s unattainable no matter where you look.

Then there are those days
You find it as if it were something that could be lost.
Or mistake it for something else.
And still others when love slips through your fingers
Like falling caramel finding it’s inevitable way into your dish.

I vote for the unsustainable kind of love that leaves you wondering where it came from.
And the irresistible type that makes you moan for more.
Or the undefeatable sort of love that grows between the cracks of disappointment, disillusion, hopelessness and despair.
I like when love laughs at betrayal, and that knows it’s only a matter of time.

I wonder about love that leaves you broke and happy, rich and sad, alone and in love.
Yes, I like the kind of love you don’t even like much, because it makes you struggle to understand.
I like love that comes crawling back when you think you least deserve it.
That tugs at you even when you’ve done some terrible thing.
The sort that comes when you have nothing left to pray or try for.

Best of all, I like love that happens when you thought it left.
I say bring on the kind of love that shows me I have no idea what love really is at all.

In beauty, Amara

What kind of Love Poem would you write to yourself?

p.s. I took this picture in New Zealand, which I love. My heart goes out to my friends in Christ Church.

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