February 2, 2018

7 Ways to Increase your Sexy Yin Essence

Gain energy with Spiritual Flirting | submitted by Amara Charles Back

When was the last time you flirted? Do you remember how you felt? With the #metoo movement empowering women to speak up and confront abusive behavior, I believe this is the perfect time to strengthen rather than hide our Sexy Yin Essence. Flirting can be a subtle and wonderful art, that is not only fun to do, but is a great way to quickly gain energy. There’s something about witty banter with someone in passing that makes you feel alive and desirable. For a second your responsibilities seem lighter, and you can awaken that part deep within you that longs for more pleasure and playfulness.

Flirting is not something you need to do all the time! It can be practiced whenever you feel like it, and whenever you need a boost. Here are just a few of the ways flirting can become not only a spiritual adventure but also a way to have fun and increase your Sexy Yin Essence.

Be playful

In your mind, focus on having a carefree attitude and approach this is a game. This does not mean you should lie or be deceitful. Have fun and be anticipatory about what pleasures and good things could be coming next. Keep in mind as you begin to flirt, you are not coming from a place of lack or need. You do not need or really care if you are getting attention.


Embrace and embody your feminine energy

Be the lightest, brightest, and most relaxed thing in sight, and he will look nowhere else. Get in touch with your desires. What makes you feel feminine and sexy? When you’re feeling sexy your confidence exudes from every pore of your body. That energy is undeniable to others. Men are most attracted to our luster, our happiness, our gaiety, and lightness. Light feminine energy relieves their stress in a way nothing else can. So, do things that make you feel sexy and feminine so you can pour on your levity, your smiles, and your gaiety. Being light and relaxed greatly increases your feminine yin essence.


Be indirect

In other words, don’t give too much too soon. Remember, you are giving glimpses, not full course meals. Men enjoy hunting, capturing and conquering. However, once they have conquered something (so to speak) their energy drops, and they can become disinterested quickly. Thus, to build a man’s masculine energy to its peak, you want to follow his natural yang tendency to ‘hunt’. The key is to embrace it rather than get annoyed by it. Offer short glimpses and gestures to build good energy.

Keep in mind that by encouraging men to hunt, you are not manipulating them, or using their tendencies against them, you are giving them permission to be themselves. This is one of the ways to build a man’s yang energy.


Catch His Gaze

Your timing and subtly is the key. Avoid being too fast or too direct when flirting. For example, if you are exposing a little of your breasts, it is best if you seem unaware that something is showing. Why? Because it makes him feel like he has found it, and he now has something to conquer!!

The point is YOU are in control of how much you want to reveal. Refine your exhibitionistic skills and learn to give glimpses, and try at first not to be aware that he is looking. Then catch his gaze, after he has had a good glimpse of you.


Talk about Him

Building his yang energy will, in turn, build your yin energy. Praise and compliment him in genuine ways. Think of the things you like about him. This can be done with someone you met 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago. The rule is; talk about him. Ask him questions about what interests him and what he enjoys. Try to keep things light and humorous. The more laughter the better. If a certain man tends to talk about himself too much, and he seems uninterested in you, try to stay light and follow his energy, and even flood his self-interest until you see an opening to turn around the conversation.

It’s important to remember that these are not suggestions that you must use all the time. Use these suggestions when you desire to increase energy with a man, or when you are in the mood to build and heat up your own feminine prowess.

With practice, you will find ways to flirt that are natural for you, and you probably have ways you do this already! Of course, you need not only practice this with strangers! If you treat your beloved like a stranger and flirt with him like this from time to time, he will love it.


Touch him

With someone you are more intimate with, another incredibly seductive detail to add to your exhibitionism is touch. It melts through everything. But there are special ways to touch a man that are highly effective. One way is to gaze into his eyes while touching his forearm tenderly. Another particularly alluring spot for men, that totally melts them, is to touch their chest as you greet them smiling. It’s just a brief touch and then take it away, making them hunt. Besides reducing his distractions, it will bring him directly into his body. The stronger the feelings you have for him, the more frequently you should use touch in your interactions. The thighs are also a great place if he is sitting down, and then, if you really like him and you’re in the mood… no, wait! that’s for later J

Keep in mind, if you do too much too soon, there is no hunt left, and the anticipation will wane. Try to see if you can make him want you to touch him. The subtly of touch is to give quite a bit less than he would prefer, at first. If he is given something too soon or too directly there is nothing left for him to conquer. You must understand this, rather than contend with or fight this tendency.

Can you see how becoming aware of your needs and desires, as well as his, gives you command over your own pleasure? Increasing your yin energy starts from within. Please remember to always observe your thoughts and your words. Being polite and kind with your words and your actions is not a ploy to get something. It’s a natural way of being.

These suggestions can generate your feminine yin essence in more ways than you can imagine. As you explore Spiritual Flirting, take care to stay awake, and be aware of how your clarity and power increases whenever you choose to give generously in the right ways at the at the right time.

I hope you have many sweet adventures!

In beauty

Amara Charles

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