May 27, 2013

Himalayan Stove Project

submitted by Amara Charles Back

The raw emotion of our Nepal Adventure is overwhelming – every time we bring a stove to a family and fire it up, it INSTANTLY changes their lives – to see it and feel it – it brings us (and them) to tears, and confirms, one-on-one, one stove at a time, how we’re transforming lives in the High Himalayas.

What started as a vision not very long ago (October 2010 when the first 48 stoves were sent to “test”) is now very, very real for hundreds of families, monks and nuns throughout Nepal, from the border with India (Sikkim) on the east to the high desert of Upper Mustang at the border with Tibet, as we distribute our first full container-load of stoves throughout the region.

Here’s a short video update / report on the Himalayan Stove Project from our Nepal adventure, which is just wrapping up.

There’ll be lots more to share as we sort through our video, but we wanted to share this with you now.

Shyena Venice, Chief Ambassador, and Amara Charles, Chief Documentarian

The Himalayan Stove Projects mission is to transform people’s lives one clean cookstove at a time. As you’ll see our trek to deliver the first stoves to a family high in the remote village near Tengboche was difficult- yet totally worth it.

The Himalayan Stove Project is a humanitarian organization working with local people throughout Nepal. We are volunteers who pay our own expenses and the project is funded by generous corporations and individuals worldwide.
George Basch is the creator and ‘Chief Cook’.

Video by Amara Charles ‘Chief Documentarian’ for the HSP
and Shyena Venice Chief Ambassador

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Panama says

“Chief Cook” (George Basch) checking in here. We were in Nepal and Bhutan for all of April, May and into June, stirring the pot for the Himalayan Stove Project. We started the project last year and had set a goal of delivering 10,000 stoves in five years. We delivered 48 stoves last fall, through our partners, as a test, to see how our target end users would receive them. In June, at the end of our visit, after being in the field with our stoves and the recipients, and working with our partners, we had “expressions of interest” (we call these “orders” in my world) for 4,000 stoves!

Amara says

Hello George,
Yes, we are are on target to deliver on our promise to deliver the stoves. It was such an honor and a pleasure to accompany
you and the HSP team to experience first hand what an AWESOME rewarding dream it is. You are a remarkable pioneer and Chief Cook, piloting this dream into fruition.
As you say,” Beauty happens when you show up!”
With the deepest respect I send you all the best as you head to London. Good luck with the Shell foundation!
Warm regards, Amara

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