September 23, 2011

Angela Yan – Qigong Master Healer

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Our friend Kenny  went to China with this amazing woman, a Qigong doctor who is invited around the world to heal all types of illness. I will be updating this post and giving more information about who she is and why you should meet her soon.

Fortunately, Master Angela Yan stopped by our home upon their return from China.

This rare video is a short documentary of her remarkable healing work. (Please keep in mind it was made about 16 years ago…)

Well, they did stop by for a few days. All I can say is that Angela is amazing. Wow. We are bringing her to Phoenix because we have so many friends who need healing. Including Physical healing of all kinds and Emotional healing, such as depression, anxiety or any type of imbalances you may have.

We have not even announced that Master Angela Yan will be coming to Phoenix December 2-6  , and her workshop and clinic are already booking up.

In addition to a Friday, Sat and Sunday workshop, where Angela will be teaching and practicing her special healing form of Qigong, she will be seeing private patients in a clinic following the workshop. Workshop participants will be given first choice of private or semiprivate healing sessions with Master Angela Yan. December 4-6.

Enjoy and be inspired to come and learn!

Contact if you want more information.

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Darla says

Hi – Thanks for this inspirational film.
Where is Angela’s office? Does she train others? I would like to learn from her. I have studied chi gung and tai chi for several years.
Thank you!

Amara says

Hello Daria,
Glad you liked this film. Angela is amazing. I just met her. Her office is in buffalo NY. Yes, she does have classes and travels. I will be hosting her in Phoenix in November or December this year. Cheers, Amara

Salman says

As a weight lieftr I never thought about Tai Chi. But a friend insisted that I give it try. I went to a class with him and was hooked. It wasn’t during my first Tai Chi class that I saw immidiate benefits. But after I noticed a stark increase in my focus while lifting. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the article and give my two cents.

Mercenario says

I have seen this arrogance all the time, but moltsy with doctors other health professionals. The Chinese focus on being humble so in our world Chinese medicine is being trampled all over. Doctors think that If it can’t be scientifically proven it must not work and they shape how ppl think. then they do a weekend medical acupuncture’ course and their patients turn around to us chinese medicine practitioners with a 4yr+ degree and say we’re not doing it right. Not much respect there.

Amara says

Hello Mercenario,
Thank you for your comment. If you had the chance to meet Angela, you would see that she is anything but arrogant. She helps people to heal themselves.
And like most excellent Chinese teachers and healers, she does not make false claims. The people she has helped, including me, know the wisdom with which she helps people to heal and experience profound harmony in their lives.

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