January 21, 2011

Announcing a New Class Series with Shyena Venice

submitted by Amara Charles Back

Have you always wanted to drum and feel like you have rhythm
inside you that wants to come out and play?

Is there something about drumming that’s ‘right there’ but you
can’t reach it on your own?

This exclusive series of  drum classes for Men and Women with Master Drummer Shyena Venice will not only give you the basics of drumming,
it will take you into the deep and seductive rhythms of life.

Tigress Dragon Drumming will show men how to hone their intuitions and
sensitivity and show women how to strengthen their creative instincts –
through the drum.

Flyer: Tigress Dragon Drumming: The Alluring Beat of Seduction

Questions? Contact Leela Sullivan: leela@amaracharles.com

or Shyena Venice: shyena1@gmail.com

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