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Amara Charles – Spiritual Sexuality for Health and Harmony

Embrace your passion, awaken your sexual potency and discover how sacred sexuality can fuel your life’s desires.

Here’s why you might be here:

  • If you’ve already looked for love in all the wrong places and you’re still searching for a great partner (no matter who you love).
  • If you’re seeking a more sacred approach to sex and intimacy or you’d like to hear that ‘YES’ more often.
  • If you long to find a beloved, but sense that shame or past experiences may be holding you back.
  • If you need to get ‘back in the game’ but you’re tired of playing them and you know you’ve got to try something new.
  • If your sexual education was mostly hush-hush or you sense that what you picked up from porn or peers is not enough.
  • If you’ve been broken-hearted and need to get your groove back.
  • If you wish you could start over as an explorer to learn what men or what women actually need, and you’re determined to find happier ways to go about finding a life partner.
  • If you’re exhausted, drained and weary from the ‘all-too-muchness’ of everything you think you have to do for others and you need a revolution to make room for more joy and sexiness.
  • If your life seems stuck, your libido is hiding or lost, or you feel insecure about your body.
  • If there’s a wild warrior inside you who longs to play, sing or who needs to dwell for a while into life’s quiet mysteries.
  • If you’ve been broken hearted or left behind and you need to get your groove back.
  • If you’re bored climbing the lonely ladder of independence and you wonder why, if you’re so powerful, it’s so hard to attract a man who really meets you.
  • If you’ve had to sacrifice your femininity to be ‘one of the guys, and you want to express your feminine strength in ways that work.
  • If you’ve fallen into the trap of giving to everyone except yourself and it feels like you get back only crumbs, and you want to learn a whole new way of gathering divine feminine Goddess energy.
  • If your attraction has sunk so low you can’t find the energy to keep trying – but the love is still there.
  • If so many ‘no’s’ have happened between you and those fantastic moments of great intimate pleasure are a thing of the past.
  • If personal defeats, illness, or profound separation have made it hard to get back to love.
  • If there’s still a place in your heart that would like to but doesn’t know how to start being passionate again…
  • Or if you are entering a new phase in your relationship, where old rules, and the usual ways you make love aren’t working anymore…and you’re not sure how to create new sexual agreements.
  • If you’re an intimate pioneer curious about how to fill your love life with more adventure – whether you’re monogamous, hetro, trans, or poly amorous – and you like exploring the magical mysteries of sex.
  • If the daily grind has dulled your edge and you crave more purpose, passion and sweet inspiration for the journey ahead.
  • If you’ve had too many rejections and want to increase your attraction and feel more confident in bed.
  • If you know there’s a Dragon King inside you but you feel like you’ve been forced to play the pawn.
  • If the sex you crave to feel keeps eluding you.
  • If you sense it’s time for your heart to rule your world, but your mind still holds onto broken promises or unfinished business.
  • If you’re ready to accept the challenges of a heart driven life committed to seeing what must be seen, doing what must be done, and you are ready to find your edge and greet your destiny with courage.

There’s good news for you.

  • Learn how to communicate your sexual needs and desires in ways that work.
  • Release resentments that block you from feeling sexual pleasure.
  • Change feelings of body shame into stories of beauty and power.
  • Turnaround feelings of sexual inadequacy into courage and confidence.
  • Discover how to find and satisfy your partner’s real needs.
  • Women: discover how softening into your feminine beauty develops your natural strength.
  • Men: experience how directing the potency of your male essence in certain ways delights the women around you.

Our mission is to revolutionize sexual education so you can safely learn through pleasure and knowledge. Come join our community to see what courses, coaching programs or workshops are right for you.

In Beauty,
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